Venum Koi 2.0 Kids fighting shorts red-black


Introducing the Venum Koi 2.0 Fightshorts, a lightweight and durable option to enhance your performance. With remarkable mobility and side slits for maximum freedom of movement, these fight shorts are perfect for training and competitions. The fitted cut ensures a customized fit, while the mesh panels regulate body moisture. Reinforced seams add to the shorts’ durability, making them an ideal choice for fighters seeking maximum comfort and flexibility.

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Product Specifications:

Venum Koi 2.0 kids fighting shorts red-black

Lightweight and Durable The Venum Koi 2.0 kids Fightshorts are constructed with a lightweight yet durable design. The balance of durability and lightness ensures optimal performance during intense training and fights.

Remarkable Mobility Experience remarkable mobility with Venum Koi 2.0 Fightshorts. These fight shorts enable you to surpass yourself during training and competitions, allowing for fluid movements and improved performance.

Optimum Regulation of Body Moisture The mesh panels in the Venum Koi 2.0 Fightshorts provide optimal regulation of body moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your sessions. Stay focused on your objectives with excellent moisture management.

Unique Closure System The unique closure system of Venum Koi 2.0 Fightshorts combines non-abrasive Velcro with lacing for a secure and personalized fit. This ensures the fight shorts remain comfortably in place, allowing you to concentrate on your performance.

Sublimation Printing for Unique Design Enjoy a unique design with sublimation printing on the Venum Koi 2.0 Fightshorts. Stand out in the gym or the ring with these distinct and stylish fight shorts.

Maximum Durability Reinforced seams in the Venum Koi 2.0 Fightshorts ensure maximum durability, making them a reliable choice for fighters seeking longevity and comfort in their gear.

Elevate your performance with Venum Koi 2.0 Fightshorts. These lightweight and durable fight shorts provide maximum freedom of movement, excellent moisture regulation, and a customized fit, empowering you to push your limits during every training and fight.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and resistant design
  • Remarkable mobility for improved performance
  • Side slits for maximum freedom of movement
  • Optimal regulation of body moisture
  • Unique closure system with non-abrasive Velcro and lacing
  • Sublimation printing for a unique design
  • Reinforced seams for maximum durability


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