TopTen Rash Guard Gradient black long sleeve


Unleash your power with the TOP TEN Rash Guard “Gradient.” This long sleeve Rash Guard not only offers a comfortable fit but also enhances your athletic performance. The black and white gradient design not only looks stylish but also provides compression benefits. It stimulates blood circulation and minimizes muscle vibration, allowing you to train more effectively and reduce fatigue. With a figure-hugging cut and TOP TEN Company Label, this Rash Guard guarantees first-class martial arts quality.

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Product Specifications:

TopTen Rash Guard long sleeve

Gradient Design The TOP TEN Rash Guard “Gradient” features a mathematically inspired gradient design that symbolizes the direction of your increasing power and performance.

Compression Performance This long sleeve Rash Guard provides compression benefits, stimulating blood circulation and minimizing muscle vibration. This allows you to perform more effectively during training and reduces early fatigue.

Figure-Hugging Cut With its figure-hugging cut, the “Gradient” Rash Guard fits like a second skin, offering a comfortable and secure fit during intense physical activities.

Pronounced Protective Effect The Rash Guard offers a pronounced protective effect, ensuring your upper body is well-supported during training and combat.

Permanently Elastic and Soft Fabric Crafted from soft synthetic fiber fabric, the “Gradient” Rash Guard maintains its elasticity, providing comfort and flexibility throughout your training sessions.

TOP TEN Company Label The back of the Rash Guard features the TOP TEN Company Label, a symbol of premium martial arts quality and craftsmanship.

Key Features:

  • Long sleeve Rash Guard with gradient design
  • Compression performance for enhanced athletic performance
  • Stimulates blood circulation and minimizes muscle vibration
  • Figure-hugging cut for a comfortable fit
  • Pronounced protective effect for added safety
  • Permanently elastic and soft synthetic fiber fabric
  • Features TOP TEN Company Label on the back



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TopTen Rash Guard Gradient black long sleeve front view off white bgTopTen Rash Guard Gradient black long sleeve
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