TopTen Shin and Instep guard Power Ink


TopTen Shin and Instep guard Power is a perfect combination of trendy colors, wearing comfort, and top-notch safety with the “Power Ink” shin guard from TOP TEN. Crafted with high-quality IMF foam, this ergonomically pre-shaped guard ensures a snug fit. Reinforcements in heavily used areas offer maximum protection, while the robust synthetic leather exterior and skin-friendly ASL lining provide durability and comfort. With three strong hook and loop fasteners and an elastic foot loop, the “Power Ink” offers a secure and reliable hold.

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Product Specifications:

TopTen Shin and Instep guard Power Ink

High-quality IMF Foam The TopTen Shin and Instep guard Power is crafted with high-quality IMF foam that is ergonomically pre-shaped, ensuring a perfect fit that conforms to the shape of your foot.

Reinforcements in High-Impact Areas Worked-out reinforcements in heavily used areas of the shin guard provide maximum safety, offering enhanced protection during intense training sessions and competitions.

Robust Synthetic Leather Exterior The exterior of the “Power Ink” shin guard is covered with a layer of robust synthetic leather, adding to its durability and stylish appearance.

Skin-Friendly ASL Lining The inside of the “Power Ink” shin guard features a skin-friendly ASL lining that prevents perspiration buildup and protects your skin from irritation.

Three Strong Hook and Loop Fasteners The shin guard is equipped with three strong hook and loop fasteners, ensuring a firm and adjustable fit for enhanced comfort and stability.

Elastic Foot Loop For additional stability and security, the “Power Ink” shin guard comes with an elastic foot loop that keeps it securely in place during training and sparring sessions.

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Key Features:

  • High-quality IMF foam for a perfect fit
  • Reinforcements in high-impact areas for maximum safety
  • Robust synthetic leather exterior for durability
  • Skin-friendly ASL lining to prevent irritation
  • Three strong hook and loop fasteners for a secure fit
  • Elastic foot loop for added stability

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