Venum Elite 2.0 BJJ GI Black


Experience the perfect combination of lightness and strength with the Venum Elite 2.0 BJJ GI Black, including a lightweight bag for added convenience. Embrace the lightweight design without compromising on durability, as this kimono is crafted with top-quality materials and reinforced seams at strategic points for long-lasting performance. The 350 gsm High-tech Pearl Wave Cotton jacket features a soft collar for unmatched comfort and excellent moisture management. The pants boast a robust 230gsm Ripstop Cotton fabric with knee reinforcement, providing ultimate resilience for your BJJ journey.

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Product Specifications:

Optimal Weight-to-Strength Ratio: The Venum Elite 2.0 BJJ GI Black delivers a perfect balance of lightness and strength, making it the ideal choice for your BJJ training and competitions.

Quality Materials and Reinforced Seams: Constructed with high-quality materials and reinforced seams at strategic points, the Venum kimono ensures both lightweight performance and durability.

Soft Collar for Unmatched Comfort: Experience unparalleled comfort and excellent moisture management with the soft collar featured in the 350 gsm High-tech Pearl Wave Cotton jacket.

Robust Ripstop Fabric Pants with Knee Reinforcement: The pants are crafted with a resilient 230gsm Ripstop Cotton fabric, equipped with knee reinforcement, ensuring longevity and endurance in intense training sessions.

Stretch Cord for a Secure Fit: The Gi includes a stretch cord for a secure and personalized fit, providing you with confidence and ease of movement.

Internal Leg Reinforcement for Added Durability: For enhanced durability, the pants feature internal leg reinforcement, ensuring your Gi withstands the demands of your BJJ journey.

Pre-Shrunk Gi for a Perfect Fit: The Venum Elite Light 2.0 BJJ Gi is pre-shrunk, delivering a perfect fit from the start and minimizing concerns about shrinkage after washing.

Lightweight Bag Included: For added convenience, the Gi comes with a lightweight bag, making transportation effortless and organized.

Go for the Venum Elite Light 2.0 BJJ Gi in Black/Black, embracing lightness without compromising on durability and performance.

Key Features:

  • Optimal weight-to-strength ratio for enhanced performance
  • Durable materials with strategic reinforcements
  • Soft collar for unparalleled comfort and moisture management
  • Robust Ripstop fabric pants with knee reinforcement
  • Stretch cord for a secure fit
  • Internal leg reinforcement for added durability
  • Pre-shrunk Gi for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight bag included for easy transportation
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