Precision iso gel dual impact insoles (L)


Introducing Precision IsoGel Dual Impact Insoles, the ultimate solution for enhanced comfort and support during high-impact sports and activities. These insoles are specifically designed to reduce joint stress and provide extra cushioning in the most critical impact zones, ensuring maximum performance and protection.

Featuring a contoured heel and arch support, these insoles offer targeted support for your feet, promoting proper alignment and reducing the risk of injuries. The dual polymer construction combines advanced materials to deliver unparalleled shock absorption and cushioning for a smooth and comfortable experience on the field or court.

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Product Specifications:

Extra Cushioning in High-Impact Zones: Precision IsoGel Dual Impact Insoles provide extra cushioning precisely where you need it the most, reducing the impact on your feet during intense activities.

Reduces Joint Stress: Designed to alleviate joint stress, these insoles help protect your joints from excessive strain, promoting long-lasting comfort and reducing the risk of injuries.

Contoured Heel and Arch Support: The insoles feature contoured support for your heel and arch, offering stability and promoting proper foot alignment to enhance your performance.

Dual Polymer Construction: With a dual polymer construction, these insoles combine advanced materials to deliver superior shock absorption, ensuring maximum comfort during sports and activities.

Key Features:

  • Extra cushioning in high-impact zones for enhanced comfort
  • Reduces joint stress and minimizes the risk of injuries
  • Contoured heel and arch support for targeted stability
  • Dual polymer construction for maximum shock absorption
  • Suitable for all sports and activities


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Precision iso gel dual impact insoles pack view off white bgPrecision iso gel dual impact insoles (L)

Availability: 5 in stock

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