Venum Amazonia 5 spats green-white


Unleash the spirit of a wild beast with the Venum Amazonia 5 Spats green-white. These Dry Tech spats provide ultimate performance and recovery with Venum’s compression technology, pushing your limits to new heights. Conquer the jungle with these authentic and durable spats.

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Product Specifications:

Venum Amazonia 5 spats green-white

Materials: The Venum Amazonia 5 Spats green-white are crafted from 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, creating a soft yet highly resilient fabric. The ergonomic seams and elastic waistband ensure a perfect fit, providing ultimate comfort during your training sessions.

Venum Compression Technology: Push your limits with the Venum Compression Technology. These spats offer optimum muscle compression, boosting your performance and speeding up your recovery time. Take your training to the next level and surpass your previous achievements.

Venum Dry Tech™ Technology: Stay dry and focused with Venum Dry Tech™ Technology. The superior moisture-wicking properties of these spats keep you free from perspiration, providing unmatched comfort and dryness throughout your intense workouts.

Design: Embrace the spirit of the wild with the authentic Venum Amazonia 5 design. The sublimated impression is deeply integrated into the fiber, ensuring maximum durability even after rigorous use. Conquer your training sessions with the soul of a wild beast.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Venum Amazonia 5 design
  • Venum compression technology for enhanced performance and recovery
  • Venum Dry Tech™ technology keeps you dry from perspiration
  • Soft and resistant fabric with ergonomic seams and elastic waistband for a perfect fit
  • Sublimated design for maximum durability


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