Top Ten Boxing Gloves XLP


Experience superior wrist support and power with Top Ten Boxing Gloves XLP. The extra-long IMF fixation foam extends over the wrist for enhanced joint stability during blocking. Crafted from 100% imitation leather, these gloves offer absolute dimensional stability and feature ergonomic shaping and mesh ventilation for comfort during intense training sessions.

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Top Ten Boxing Gloves XLP

Elevate your boxing game with Top Ten Boxing Gloves XLP, designed for ultimate wrist support and power. These extra-long padded gloves are crafted to keep their promise of stability and performance, making them the ideal choice for serious athletes and enthusiasts alike.

At the core of the Top Ten Boxing Gloves XLP is the innovative IMF (Injection Molded Foam) fixation foam, which extends extra long over the wrist area to provide unparalleled joint stabilization during blocking. This extra-long padding not only enhances your own power but also ensures absolute dimensional stability, allowing you to maintain optimal form and technique throughout your training sessions.

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The ergonomic basic shaping of the Top Ten Boxing Gloves XLP ensures a comfortable and natural fit, allowing for maximum flexibility and movement during workouts. The gloves are meticulously designed to contour to the shape of your hand, providing a snug and secure fit that enhances your performance and comfort.

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Top Ten Boxing Gloves XLP CPTop Ten Boxing Gloves XLP
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