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The Topten “WAKO” Boxing Gloves have been the official competition gloves of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations since 2001. Crafted from genuine cowhide, these gloves offer exceptional quality with a soft surface and flat contrasting seams. The natural leather provides breathability and durability. The PPS foam padding ensures outstanding impact absorption, while the thumb bridge enhances safety. The wide hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit. Available in red or blue, these gloves are the top choice for serious competitors.

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Product Specifications:

Quality Cowhide Leather: The “WAKO” Boxing Gloves are meticulously crafted from genuine cowhide leather, ensuring superior quality and durability. The soft surface and flat contrasting seams add to the gloves’ premium feel, while the natural leather enhances breathability for added comfort during intense training sessions and competitions.

PPS Superfoam Padding: The padding in these gloves features PPS Superfoam, a high-density foam with excellent impact absorption properties. The foam’s structure includes a high number of air inclusions, providing optimal protection and cushioning, reducing the risk of hand injuries during intense bouts.

Thumb Safety Bridge: To further ensure safety, the “WAKO” Boxing Gloves are designed with a thumb bridge that secures the thumb in place, reducing the risk of accidental thumb injuries. This innovative feature enhances the gloves’ stability, allowing you to focus on your performance without any distractions.

Wide Hook and Loop Closure: The boxing gloves feature a wide hook and loop closure system, providing a secure and customizable fit around your wrists. The closure ensures the gloves stay in place during rigorous training sessions and competitions, allowing you to perform at your best without any concerns.

Ideal for Competition: Having served as the official competition gloves for the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations since 2001, the “WAKO” Boxing Gloves have been trusted by athletes on national and international levels. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or an aspiring champion, these gloves offer the performance and reliability you need to excel in the ring.

Color Options: The “WAKO” Boxing Gloves come in two attractive color options: striking red and classic blue. Choose the color that complements your style and makes you stand out during your matches.

Labeling for WAKO Competitions: Upon request, we can provide the necessary labels for WAKO competitions, ensuring that you are fully prepared for official events.

Unleash Your Potential: With the Topten “WAKO” Boxing Gloves, unleash your potential and step into the ring with confidence. Experience the remarkable craftsmanship, innovative features, and exceptional performance that have made these gloves a top choice among kickboxing enthusiasts and professional athletes worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Official WAKO competition glove
  • Available in red or blue
  • Made of genuine cowhide leather
  • PPS Superfoam for excellent impact absorption




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