Topten giant backpack purple


The TOP TEN Giant backpack is perfect for those with big plans. With a spacious main compartment and practical details, it’s a storage space miracle. The top loader design offers easy access, while the extension system adds even more space. Smaller zip pockets keep things organized, and the side pockets fit 1.5L bottles. The padded carrying system with adjustable straps ensures comfort, and the sporty designs add style.

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Topten giant backpack purple

Product Specifications:

Spacious Main Compartment with Top Loader Design The TOP TEN Giant backpack features a spacious main compartment with a top loader design, offering easy access to your belongings.

Extension Front Loader with Mesh Insert The backpack’s extension front loader includes a mesh insert, providing additional space for your essentials.

Side Pockets for 1.5L Bottles Convenient side pockets allow you to easily stow 1.5L bottles for hydration on the go.

Padded Carrying System with Chest Strap The “Giant” backpack comes with a padded carrying system featuring adjustable straps and a chest strap for added comfort and support.

Compression Straps for Better Fixation Compression straps help secure your belongings and keep the backpack in place while on the move.

Multiple Sporty Designs to Choose From With various sporty designs available, you can find the perfect “Giant” backpack to match your style.

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Key Features:

  • Spacious main compartment with top loader design
  • Extension front loader with mesh insert
  • Side pockets for 1.5L bottles
  • Padded carrying system with chest strap
  • Compression straps for better fixation
  • Multiple sporty designs to choose from

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