TopTen Kickboxing Pants Mesh


Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with TOP TEN’s “Mesh” Kickboxing Pants. These pants feature wide mesh strips for optimal air circulation, a comfortable elastic waistband for slip resistance, and a straight fit for a sleek look. Made from a matt-shiny, particularly hard-wearing fabric, the “Mesh” pants are available in numerous color variants.

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TopTen Kickboxing Pants Mesh

Elevate your kickboxing performance with TopTen Kickboxing Pants Mesh, a dynamic combination of style and functionality. Designed to meet the unique demands of kickboxing, these pants boast a range of features that enhance comfort, flexibility, and overall performance. From the use of wide mesh strips to ensure optimal air circulation to the comfortable elastic waistband that provides absolute slip resistance, the “Mesh” Kickboxing Pants offer a winning combination for both training and competition.

Optimal Air Circulation with Wide Mesh Strips: The standout feature of the TopTen Kickboxing Pants Mesh is the incorporation of wide mesh strips on the sides. These strips serve a dual purpose, adding a stylish aesthetic while ensuring optimal air circulation during intense workouts. Whether you’re executing high kicks, quick footwork, or engaging in extended training sessions, the mesh strips contribute to a breathable and comfortable experience.

Comfortable Elastic Waistband for Slip Resistance: A secure fit is essential in kickboxing, and the “Mesh” pants deliver with an elastic waistband designed for slip resistance. The elastic waistband ensures that the pants stay in place during dynamic movements, providing the necessary support for various kicking techniques and footwork. Fighters can focus on their training or competition without the distraction of readjusting their gear. Check out our full TopTen range, Click here!

Straight Fit for a Sleek Look: Style meets functionality with the TopTen Kickboxing Pants Mesh straight fit. The sleek design of these pants not only complements the aesthetics of kickboxing but also offers a clean and streamlined look. The straight fit allows for unrestricted movement, allowing fighters to perform high kicks and intricate footwork with ease while maintaining a polished appearance.

Matt-Shiny Fabric for a Stylish Look: The “TopTen Kickboxing Pants Mesh feature a matt-shiny fabric that adds a touch of style to your training or competition attire. The combination of matte and shiny elements creates a visually appealing look, ensuring that you not only perform at your best but also look the part. The fabric is not only stylish but also particularly hard-wearing, standing up to the rigors of intense kickboxing sessions.

Available in Numerous Color Variants: Express your personal style with the TopTen Kickboxing Pants Mesh, available in numerous color variants. Whether you prefer classic black, bold red, vibrant blue, or other exciting color options, there’s a variant to suit your preferences. The extensive color range allows fighters to choose pants that align with their personal style and preferences, adding an element of customization to their gear.

In conclusion, TopTen Kickboxing Pants Mesh offer a winning combination of style, comfort, and functionality. From the optimal air circulation provided by wide mesh strips to the slip-resistant elastic waistband, straight fit, matt-shiny fabric, and numerous color variants, these pants are designed to meet the needs of kickboxers at every level. Elevate your performance and showcase your style with the “Mesh” Kickboxing Pants.

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