TopTen Thaiboxing shorts FLEXZ PRO black-green


Experience unrivaled freedom of movement with TOP TEN Thaiboxing-Shorts “FLEXZ PRO.” Designed for ultimate mobility, these shorts feature a short cut with outward leg approaches and round side slits for a dynamic look. Available in 5 vibrant variants, the “FLEXZ PRO” shorts showcase colored patches and a high-quality kickboxing stick. Crafted from unique TL FLEXZ fabric, these shorts offer lightness and exceptional functionality, making them a must-have for any Thaiboxing enthusiast.

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Product Specifications:

Thaiboxing shorts FLEXZ PRO

Unrestricted Freedom of Movement TOP TEN Thaiboxing-Shorts “FLEXZ PRO” are engineered to provide the wearer with unrestricted freedom of movement. The short cut, along with the outward leg approaches and round side slits, allows for dynamic movements during training and competitions. Experience fluid kicks and seamless footwork with these shorts.

Dynamic Visual Appeal Visually captivating, the “FLEXZ PRO” shorts boast a design that stands out on the mat. Available in two basic shades of white and black, they feature colored patches and a high-quality kickboxing stick that adds a touch of style. The vibrant color combinations create a dynamic and energetic appearance.

Versatile Color Variants To cater to individual preferences, TOP TEN offers a total of 5 variants of the “FLEXZ PRO” Thaibox shorts. Each variant showcases unique color combinations and design elements, allowing athletes to express their personality and style through their choice of shorts.

TL FLEXZ Fabric The name “FLEXZ PRO” is derived from the exceptional TL FLEXZ fabric used in crafting these shorts. This fabric combines lightness and functionality, ensuring optimal performance during intense Thaiboxing sessions. The TL FLEXZ fabric offers comfort and durability, making it a perfect choice for dedicated practitioners.

Comfortable Fit and Functional Performance Apart from the eye-catching design, “FLEXZ PRO” shorts deliver a comfortable fit that stays in place throughout training. The combination of the short cut and TL FLEXZ fabric contributes to the shorts’ functional strengths, enabling the wearer to perform at their best without any hindrance.

Ideal for Training and Competition Whether you’re training in the gym or competing in the ring, TOP TEN Thaiboxing-Shorts “FLEXZ PRO” provide the ideal balance of style and performance. These shorts are the perfect choice for athletes seeking both aesthetics and functionality in their training gear.

Size Options The “FLEXZ PRO” shorts are available in various sizes to accommodate athletes of different body types. Refer to the sizing chart to find the perfect fit, ensuring optimal comfort and freedom of movement.

Elevate your Thaiboxing experience with TOP TEN Thaiboxing-Shorts “FLEXZ PRO.” Designed for style and performance, these shorts offer unbeatable freedom of movement and functionality for every Thaiboxing enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Short cut with outward leg approaches
  • Unrestricted mobility
  • TL FLEXZ fabric for functionality
  • Vibrant color combinations
  • Available in 5 variants

Black-Green, Green-White, Orange-White


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