Sting Viper X Sparring Gloves


Elevate your sparring game with Sting Viper X Sparring Gloves. Crafted from full grain natural leather, they offer durability for extensive training. The Hi-Flow mould construction dissipates strike energy, providing extra support. The Comfort 3D PowerX Lining ensures temperature and moisture management for ultimate comfort. Choose from classic colours, weight sizes, and velcro or lace-up designs to suit your training style.

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Sting Viper X Sparring Gloves

Sparring is the crucible where fighters are forged. It’s the arena where skills are honed, strategies tested, and endurance pushed to the limit. In this critical phase of fight preparation, having the right gear can make all the difference. That’s where the Sting Viper X Sparring Gloves come into play.

Crafted for Performance: The Sting Viper X Sparring Gloves are meticulously crafted from full grain natural leather hide. This choice of material not only guarantees durability but also ensures that the gloves move seamlessly with you through thousands of hours of rigorous training. It’s an investment in gear that’s built to endure.

Hi-Flow Mould Construction: One of the standout features of the Viper Gloves is the Hi-Flow mould construction. This advanced technology is engineered to dissipate strike energy with unparalleled efficiency. It means that every punch you throw is met with optimal force absorption, protecting your hands and allowing you to focus on your technique.

Extra Long Wrist Cuff for Enhanced Stability: Stability is key in any sparring session. The Sting Viper X Boxing Gloves address this with an extra-long wrist cuff. This design element provides additional support to the wrist and hand, ensuring that you have the stability you need to execute your techniques with precision.

Anatomically Designed Square Shouldered Mould: The shape of a glove can significantly impact performance. The Viper Gloves feature an anatomically designed square shouldered mould that’s engineered for a perfect fit and feel. This design element enhances your ability to deliver precise strikes, giving you the edge in the ring.

Comfort 3D PowerX Lining: Inside the Viper Gloves, you’ll find Sting’s innovative Comfort 3D PowerX Lining. This advanced lining not only provides a silky feel against your skin but also offers increased breathability and temperature control. It’s a game-changer for those lengthy sparring sessions, ensuring you stay comfortable and focused.

Customize Your Experience: We understand that every fighter has their own preferences. That’s why the Viper Sparring Gloves are available in two classic colours, two glove weight sizes, and with the option of velcro or lace-up designs. This allows you to choose the perfect Viper X Sparring Glove that aligns with your training style and needs.

In summary, the Sting Viper Sparring Gloves are more than just gear; they’re a statement of intent. They’re crafted for fighters who demand the best from themselves and their equipment. Elevate your sparring sessions, push your limits, and emerge from the crucible stronger than ever with the Viper Gloves.Check out our full Sting product range, click here!




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