TopTen Rash Guard MMA Octagon Short Sleeve black


Prepare for victory in the Octagon with the TOP TEN Rash Guard “MMA Octagon.” This short-sleeved compression shirt offers unbeatable movement and functionality. Made from permanently elastic synthetic fibers, it provides unlimited mobility and a non-slip fit. The lightweight design ensures it stays securely in place while offering minimal contact surface for opponents. With a slight compression pressure, the “MMA Octagon” supports your performance by improving oxygen circulation and stimulating metabolism, helping you reach your sporting goals faster.

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Product Specifications:

TopTen Rash Guard MMA

Permanently Elastic Synthetic Fibers The TOP TEN Rash Guard “MMA Octagon” is crafted from permanently elastic synthetic fibers, providing unbeatable mobility and a secure fit during intense training and competitions.

Lightweight Design With a weight close to nothing, the “MMA Octagon” Rash Guard lies precisely on the upper body, offering a comfortable and secure fit.

Non-Slip Fit The Rash Guard features a straight cut and ergonomic seams, ensuring a non-slip fit that stays in place during movement and combat.

Minimal Contact Surface The smooth material of the Rash Guard offers your opponents minimal contact surface, reducing the risk of grip and enhancing your agility.

Compression Pressure The “MMA Octagon” Rash Guard provides a slight compression pressure, supporting your sporting success by improving oxygen circulation and stimulating metabolism.

Timeless TOP TEN Design With a timeless TOP TEN design, the Rash Guard showcases both style and functionality for your MMA training and competitions.

Extremely Hard-Wearing Crafted to be extremely hard-wearing, the “MMA Octagon” Rash Guard ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Optimized Climate Management The Rash Guard is designed with optimized climate management, keeping you comfortable and focused throughout your intense workouts.

Key Features:

  • Short-sleeved compression shirt for MMA
  • Permanently elastic synthetic fibers for unlimited mobility
  • Lightweight design for a non-slip fit
  • Provides minimal contact surface for opponents
  • Offers slight compression pressure for improved performance
  • Timeless TOP TEN design
  • Extremely hard-wearing for durability
  • Optimized climate management for comfort



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TopTen Rash Guard MMA Octagon Short Sleev black on model front view off white bgTopTen Rash Guard MMA Octagon Short Sleeve black
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