TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint


Ensure your safety in martial arts with the TOP TEN “Peppermint” Mouth Guard for seniors in white. Made from preformed thermoplastic material, it offers certified TOP TEN quality with a refreshing peppermint flavor. The mouth guard is adaptable for both Junior and Senior editions, featuring a hygienic storage box and easy application. Choose from a variety of colors for personalized protection.

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TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint

Prioritize safety in martial arts with the TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint, designed specifically for seniors in an elegant white shade. With a legacy of certified quality and years of experience in martial arts, TOP TEN delivers a mouth guard that combines reliable protection with a touch of freshness.

Certified TOP TEN Quality: When it comes to safety in martial arts, experience and certification matter. The TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing high-quality protective gear. Built on years of expertise in martial arts, this mouth guard offers a level of assurance that comes with the TOP TEN certification.

Preformed Thermoplastic Material: Crafted from preformed thermoplastic material, the TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint ensures a precise and secure fit. The thermoplastic material adapts to the contours of your teeth, offering a customized and comfortable experience. This tailored fit enhances the overall effectiveness of the mouth guard, providing optimal protection during martial arts activities.

Fresh Peppermint Flavor: Experience a burst of freshness with the TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint. Infused with a pleasantly fresh peppermint flavor, this mouth guard not only prioritizes safety but also adds a refreshing touch to your protective gear. Say goodbye to the typical discomfort associated with mouth guards, as the “Peppermint” variant brings a unique and enjoyable flavor to the mix.

Adaptable for Junior and Senior Editions: The versatility of the TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint extends to both Junior and Senior editions, making it suitable for a wide range of users. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or a budding enthusiast, TOP TEN ensures that the “Peppermint” Mouth Guard can be adapted to meet the specific needs of different age groups. This adaptability adds to the convenience and inclusivity of the mouth guard. Check out our full TopTen range, Click here!

Hygienic Storage Box: Maintain the hygiene of your mouth guard with the provided storage box. The TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint comes with a dedicated storage box, ensuring that your protective gear remains clean and ready for use. The hygienic storage box is an essential accessory that complements the overall care and maintenance of the mouth guard.

Wide Color Selection: Express your style and preferences with the TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint extensive color selection. With six different colors to choose from, including the elegant white for seniors, TOP TEN ensures that users can personalize their protective gear. The wide color selection adds a touch of individuality to your martial arts ensemble.

Easy Application with Enclosed Instructions: Navigating the world of mouth guards is made easy with the “Peppermint” variant. The mouth guard comes with enclosed instructions that guide users through the application process. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or a newcomer, the easy-to-follow instructions ensure a hassle-free experience when using the “Peppermint” Mouth Guard.

In conclusion, the TopTen Mouth Guard Peppermint for seniors & juniors in white encapsulates the brand’s commitment to safety, quality, and user-friendly design. With certified TOP TEN quality, preformed thermoplastic material, a fresh peppermint flavor, adaptability for Junior and Senior editions, a hygienic storage box, a wide color selection, and easy application with enclosed instructions, this mouth guard is a comprehensive solution for martial artists seeking reliable protection with a touch of freshness. Elevate your martial arts experience with the “Peppermint” Mouth Guard from TOP TEN. Stay protected, stay fresh.

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