TopTen MMA shorts Triangle


Introducing the advanced TopTen MMA Shorts Triangle- your ultimate ally to stay ahead of your opponent. These shorts feature a mix of materials that effortlessly follow every movement, making them the perfect training companion in intense situations. The elastane content provides a pleasant stretch effect, while the dry-fit polyester quickly wicks away sweat, ensuring no chafing occurs. The “Triangle” MMA shorts are not only functional but also a highlight in design. With a pure basic tone in black or white, graphic elements, and the iconic TOP TEN company print, these pants become eye-catchers in the octagon.

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Product Specifications:

TopTen MMA shorts Triangle

Mix of Materials: The “Triangle” MMA Shorts feature a mix of materials that effortlessly follow every movement, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your opponent during training and competitions.

Dry-Fit Polyester: Enjoy a dry and comfortable experience with the dry-fit polyester that quickly dissipates sweat to the outside, ensuring you stay cool and focused.

Pleasant Stretch Effect: The elastane content in the material provides a pleasant stretch effect, offering flexibility and ease of movement during intense martial arts sessions.

Practical Inner Pocket: These shorts come with a practical inner pocket, providing convenience and accessibility during training or competitions.

Double Locking System: To ensure a secure fit, the “Triangle” MMA Shorts are equipped with a double locking system, allowing you to focus solely on your performance without worrying about adjustments.

Unleash the power of the “Triangle” MMA Shorts – your perfect training buddy with functional excellence and eye-catching design.

Key Features:

  • Mix of materials for flexible movement
  • Dry-fit polyester for quick-drying and breathability
  • Practical inner pocket for convenience
  • Double locking system for a secure fit
  • Eye-catching design with graphic elements and TOP TEN company print

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TopTen MMA shorts Triangle red-black front right view off white bgTopTen MMA shorts Triangle
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