TopTen MMA Shorts Morituri Te Salutant


Introducing the TOP TEN MMA Shorts Morituri Te Salutant – a Latin-inspired masterpiece loved even by those who don’t speak the language. Crafted from high-quality functional fabric, these shorts boast a comfortable fit without compromising on TOP TEN’s signature comfort. The extra soft and robust hook and loop fastener ensures a secure hip fit, while the wide waistband adds to the overall comfort. Featuring side cuts and the striking TOP TEN company print, these knee-length shorts are designed for both training and competition. The large-format motif “Morituri Te Salutant” adds the perfect touch to the opaque, white shorts.

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Product Specifications:

TopTen MMA Shorts Morituri Te Salutant

High-Quality Functional Fabric: The TopTEn MMA Shorts Morituri Te Salutant are crafted from high-quality functional fabric, ensuring robustness and longevity, ideal for intense training and competitions.

Comfortable Fit with Extra Soft Hook and Loop Fastener and Wide Waistband: Despite its sturdy structure, these shorts provide TOP TEN’s signature comfort with an extra soft hook and loop fastener and a wide waistband, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit.

Side Cuts and Striking TOP TEN Company Print: Embrace style and functionality with side cuts and a striking TOP TEN company print, reflecting the excellence of this exceptional sportswear.

Knee-Length Shorts: The “Morituri Te Salutant” shorts offer knee-length coverage, providing additional support and protection during intense movements.

Large-Format Motif “Morituri Te Salutant”: Stand out with the large-format motif “Morituri Te Salutant,” adding a unique design element to the opaque, white shorts. View our full TopTen range, click here!

Additional Benefits: In addition to their impressive design, these shorts feature an inner pocket and are suitable for both training and competition, offering versatility for all athletes.

Experience the Latin-inspired excellence with TOP TEN “Morituri Te Salutant” MMA Shorts. Embrace durability, comfort, and style in your martial arts journey.

Key Features:

  • High-quality functional fabric for durability
  • Comfortable fit with extra soft hook and loop fastener and wide waistband
  • Side cuts and striking TOP TEN company print
  • Knee-length shorts for enhanced coverage
  • Large-format motif “Morituri Te Salutant” for a unique design

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