TOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight 10oz


Step into the ring with confidence wearing TOP TEN Boxing Gloves “Fight.” Specially developed for kickboxing, these gloves feature a blend of 1.2mm cowhide on the striking surface and functional nubuck leather on the palm. With a stable thumb strap, tight-fitting hook and loop closure, and a sporty design, they offer the perfect combination of style and performance.

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TOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight 10oz

Elevate your kickboxing game with the TOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight designed to bring out the warrior in you. This new edition of the “Fight” gloves is a testament to TOP TEN’s commitment to quality, featuring technical details that comply with the IBA certified glove #20101 while catering specifically to kickboxing enthusiasts.

Technical Excellence and Kickboxing Focus: The “Fight” gloves adhere to the technical excellence of the IBA certified glove #20101, ensuring that they meet the highest standards in the industry. However, they are specially developed for kickboxing, making them the perfect choice for practitioners looking to enhance their performance in the ring. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner, these gloves are crafted to deliver optimal results in kickboxing training and competitions.

Exciting Material Mix for Superior Performance: One of the standout features of the TOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight is the exciting material mix that enhances their performance. The upper surface of the striking area boasts 1.2mm thick cowhide, providing durability and resilience against intense impact. On the palm, functional nubuck leather adds a layer of sophistication and functionality. This combination brings out the unique advantages of both components, ensuring a well-rounded and high-performing glove.

New Sporty Design for a Stylish Statement: Embrace a new era of style in the ring with the TOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight new and sporty design. These gloves not only excel in technical aspects but also make a stylish statement. The combination of striking surface cowhide and nubuck leather creates a visually appealing glove that reflects the spirit of kickboxing. Elevate your training sessions and competitions with gloves that blend technical excellence with contemporary design.

Stable, Extended Thumb Strap: Stability is a key factor in kickboxing, and the “Fight” gloves address this with a stable, extended thumb strap. This design ensures that your thumb is securely positioned, providing stability and reducing the risk of injuries during intense training sessions. Kick with confidence, knowing that your gloves offer the support needed for powerful and precise strikes.

Tight-Fitting Hook and Loop Closure: Secure your gloves with confidence using the tight-fitting hook and loop closure. This feature allows for a personalized and secure fit, ensuring that the gloves stay in place during the most dynamic movements. The tight closure not only enhances the stability of the gloves but also adds an element of convenience, making them easy to put on and take off.  Check out our full range of TopTen, click here!

Integrated Grip Line in the Finger Area: Precision is paramount in kickboxing, and the TOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight enhance your control with an integrated grip line in the finger area. This thoughtful design element ensures that you maintain a strong and secure grip, allowing you to execute techniques with precision and accuracy. Whether you’re throwing punches or grappling, these gloves provide the grip needed for optimal performance.

Cover-Mix for Durable and Resilient Gloves: The TOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight are crafted with durability in mind, featuring a cover-mix that combines cowhide and nubuck leather. This blend ensures that the gloves withstand the rigors of intense kickboxing training and competitions, maintaining their quality over the long term. Invest in gloves that offer both performance and longevity, supporting you in your kickboxing journey.

Step into the ring free and confident with TOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight Specially tailored for kickboxing, these gloves combine technical excellence with a new sporty design, ensuring you make a stylish statement while delivering powerful and precise strikes. Experience stability, durability, and style in one package as you embrace the spirit of kickboxing with the “Fight” gloves.

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TOPTEN Boxing Gloves FightTOPTEN Boxing Gloves Fight 10oz
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