Top Pro gel coach protector black-gold


Introducing the Top Pro gel coach protector – the ultimate protective gear designed for coaches during intensive training sessions. With a split design padding and Gel panels, this body protector offers superior shock absorption and even force distribution. The PU material and EVA-LUTION density foam provide long-lasting protection, while the adjustable straps and Velcro belt closure ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Stay protected without compromising tactile feel with this lightweight and flexible coach protector.

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Product Specifications:

Top Pro gel coach protector black-gold

Gel Panels for Extra Shock Absorption: Top Pro Gel Coach Protector is equipped with Gel panels, providing enhanced shock absorption during intense training sessions.

Split Design Padding for Even Force Distribution: The front padding of the protector features a split design, ensuring that force from punches and blows is distributed evenly for maximum protection.

PU Material with EVA-LUTION Density Foam: Made from durable PU material and layers of EVA-LUTION density foam, this coach protector offers long-lasting protection.

Heavy-Duty Velcro Belt Closure: The protector comes with a heavy-duty Velcro belt closure, offering a comfortable and secure fit for coaches of all sizes.

Lightweight Design for Freedom of Movement: The Club Gel Coach Protector is designed to be lightweight, providing coaches with total freedom of movement during training sessions.

Key Features:

  • Gel panels for extra shock absorption
  • Split design padding for even force distribution
  • PU material with EVA-LUTION density foam
  • Heavy-duty Velcro belt closure for a secure fit
  • Lightweight design for freedom of movement


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