Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts


Elevate your speed and agility training with Sting Sports’ Viper Speed Focus Mitt. Crafted with a premium moulded leather outer layer, Quad Core system, Neo Gel, and Gel Fusion technology, these mitts offer unparalleled durability, comfort, and protection. The striking colour schemes and hook and loop wrist straps make them suitable for fighters of all shapes and sizes.

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Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts

Sting Sports introduces the Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts, an ultra-lightweight training essential designed to revolutionize speed and agility training for fighters of all shapes and sizes. Crafted with precision and expertise, these focus mitts combine premium materials, innovative technologies, and thoughtful design to offer an unparalleled training experience.

Premium Expertly Moulded Leather: At the heart of the Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts commitment to quality and durability. The premium expertly moulded leather outer layer provides a superior striking surface, ensuring second-to-none durability. The larger strike area accommodates a variety of training techniques, making these focus mitts versatile for fighters at all skill levels.

Quad Core System for Equal Weight Management: Sting Sports integrates its proprietary Quad Core system into the Viper Speed Focus Mitt to offer equal weight management, optimal comfort, and enhanced performance during training sessions. This innovative technology ensures that the weight is distributed evenly across the mitt, providing a balanced and consistent feel for the trainer and the athlete.

Neo Gel for Reduced Fatigue: Comfort and support are paramount during intense training sessions. The Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts features Neo Gel technology, designed to reduce fatigue and increase shock absorption. This not only enhances the trainer’s comfort during extended sessions but also ensures ultimate hand and wrist protection for the athlete. Check out our full Sting range, click here!

Gel Fusion Technology for Strike Energy Management: To further elevate the training experience, Sting Sports incorporates Gel Fusion technology into the Viper Speed Focus Mitt. This advanced technology supports strike energy management, allowing for effective absorption of impact forces. The result is increased endurance and a reduction in the risk of discomfort or injury during high-impact training.

Striking Colour Schemes and Hook and Loop Wrist Straps: Adding a touch of style to functionality, the Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts is available in many striking colour schemes. Fighters can choose a design that resonates with their personal style, making training sessions visually dynamic. The inclusion of hook and loop wrist straps ensures added security and support, allowing for a personalized fit that stays in place during rigorous training.

Suitable for Fighters of All Shapes and Sizes: Recognizing the diversity of fighters, Sting Sports ensures that the Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts is designed to suit athletes of all shapes and sizes. The combination of versatile sizing options and customizable wrist straps ensures that trainers and fighters alike can find the perfect fit for their unique needs.

6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty for Total Assurance: Sting Sports stands behind the durability and quality of the Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts by offering a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty provides fighters with total assurance that their training essential is built to last, giving them the confidence to push their limits in every session.

In summary, the Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts represents the pinnacle of innovation in speed and agility training gear. With premium expertly moulded leather, the Quad Core system, Neo Gel, Gel Fusion technology, striking colour schemes, and a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty, these focus mitts redefine what athletes can expect from their training equipment. Elevate your training experience with the Viper Speed Focus Mitt and experience the Sting Sports difference.

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Sting Viper Speed Focus Mitts CPSting Viper Speed Focus Mitts
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