Hayashi Cup, jockstrap (WKF approved)


Experience superior protection with the WKF approved Hayashi Cup Jockstrap. Ideal for martial arts, it includes a hard plastic cup and breathable mesh cover. The elastic waistband ensures a secure fit, while interchangeable cups add an extra layer of hygiene and safety. Available in three different sizes

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Hayashi Cup Jockstrap

The Hayashi Cup Jockstrap, WKF approved, is the epitome of comfort and protection for male athletes of all ages. Whether you’re a young martial artist or a seasoned pro, this groin guard is designed to keep you cool, confident, and safeguarded during intense training and competitive bouts.

Stay Cool and Protected: The Hayashi Cup Jockstrap is engineered with one primary goal in mind: to provide optimal protection for the sensitive groin area. This jockstrap is perfect for use in various martial arts disciplines, where the risk of accidental blows is inherent. The hard plastic cup, a cornerstone of this guard, offers a formidable shield against impacts, ensuring you can train and compete with confidence.

Breathable Mesh Cover for Added Comfort: Comfort is paramount, especially when it comes to protective gear. The breathable mesh cover complements the design of the cup by allowing air circulation, reducing moisture buildup, and keeping you feeling fresh throughout your training sessions. This thoughtful addition ensures that you stay focused on your performance, without discomfort or distraction.

Secure Fit with Elastic Waistband: A secure fit is essential for any groin guard. The Hayashi features a wide and elastic rubber waistband that provides a snug yet comfortable fit. This waistband, coupled with push buttons to fasten the cup, ensures that the protector stays in place, even during rigorous movements and sparring sessions. The rounded and soft edges of the protector enhance overall comfort, allowing you to move with confidence.

Interchangeable Cups for Hygiene and Safety: Hygiene is a crucial consideration, particularly in contact sports. The Hayashi Cup Jockstrap addresses this concern with its interchangeable cups. This feature not only makes the groin protector extremely hygienic but also adds an extra layer of safety. You can easily replace the cup as needed, ensuring that you’re always training with equipment that’s in top condition. Check out our protection section for more must have protection product, click here!

Pressure and Impact-Resistant Material: The material used in the construction of the Hayashi is chosen for its exceptional durability. It is both pressure and impact-resistant, significantly reducing the risk of injury from accidental blows. This ensures that you can focus on your training and performance, knowing that you’re equipped with gear that’s designed to stand up to the demands of your sport.

Available in Three Different Sizes: Finding the right fit is crucial for optimal protection. The Hayashi is available in three different sizes, catering to individuals of varying ages and builds. This ensures that every athlete can benefit from the comfort, protection, and confidence that this groin guard provides.

In conclusion, the Hayashi, WKF approved, is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier protective gear for martial artists. Elevate your training experience with a groin guard that combines comfort, protection, and hygiene in one streamlined design.

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