TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO


Ensure compliance with WAKO regulations using TOP TEN Reversible Elbow Pads “WAKO.” These officially approved guards boast a turning design in blue and red, providing versatility and style. Crafted from highly elastic and friction-resistant 100% polyester fabric, these pads offer superior protection with EVA foam padding. Sold in pairs.

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TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO

For practitioners engaged in point-fighting, adherence to regulations is paramount, and elbow protectors are a mandatory component according to WAKO regulations. The TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO are purposefully designed, officially approved, and bring a unique blend of functionality, style, and compliance to the forefront.

Compliance with WAKO Regulations: WAKO, the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, sets specific standards and regulations for point-fighting competitions, including the mandatory use of elbow protectors. The TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO have been meticulously designed to meet these regulations, providing practitioners with confidence in their gear and ensuring a safe and compliant sporting experience.

Turning Design in Blue and Red: A distinctive feature of the TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO is their turning design, showcasing competition colors in blue and red. This reversible design not only adds a touch of style to the pads but also offers versatility for practitioners who may switch between different team colors or simply prefer a change in appearance. The dynamic color scheme aligns with the energetic spirit of martial arts competitions.

Highly Elastic and Friction-Resistant Fabric: Crafted from 100% polyester fabric, the elbow pads feature an extremely elastic composition. This elasticity ensures a snug and comfortable fit, allowing practitioners to move freely without restrictions. The friction-resistant structure of the fabric adds durability, making these pads suitable for intense training sessions and competitions. Check out our full TopTen range, Click here!

EVA Foam Padding for Superior Protection: The TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO prioritize protection with the inclusion of EVA foam padding. EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam is known for its excellent shock-absorbing properties, providing a cushioning effect against impacts. This feature is crucial in point-fighting scenarios where precise strikes and contact occur, offering practitioners a layer of defense for their elbows.

WAKO Approved for Trusted Performance: Being officially approved by WAKO, these elbow pads undergo stringent testing to meet the organization’s standards. WAKO approval signifies that the TOP TEN Reversible Elbow Pads “WAKO” have been evaluated for safety, performance, and compliance with regulations. Practitioners can trust in the reliability and quality of these pads for their point-fighting endeavors.

Delivery in Pairs for Comprehensive Coverage: The TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO are conveniently delivered in pairs, ensuring practitioners have comprehensive coverage for both elbows. This thoughtful inclusion enables practitioners to equip themselves for training and competitions with matching elbow protection, maintaining uniformity and consistent performance.

In conclusion, the TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO offer a combination of functionality, style, and compliance for point-fighting enthusiasts. From the distinctive turning design in blue and red to the highly elastic and friction-resistant polyester fabric, along with EVA foam padding and WAKO approval, these elbow pads are crafted to enhance both protection and performance. Elevate your point-fighting experience with the TOP TEN Reversible Elbow Pads “WAKO” — where safety meets style in compliance with WAKO regulations.

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TopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO CPTopTen Reversible Elbow Pads WAKO
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