Sting elasticised lifting knee wraps band


Experience superior knee wraps band support during intense lifting sessions with Sting Elasticised Lifting Knee Wraps. These 80-inch wraps are designed to provide maximum stability and reduce the risk of knee injuries, making them an essential addition to your lifting gear.

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Key Features:

Maximum Knee Support: Sting knee Wraps band are crafted from heavy-duty elasticised cotton, these knee wraps offer exceptional support throughout your range of motion, helping you perform your lifts with confidence.

Adjustable Closure System: The hook and loop closure system allows you to easily secure and adjust the wraps for a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring your knees stay stabilized during lifting.

Reduce Risk of Injury: By stabilizing the knees, these wraps help prevent hyperextension injuries, providing an added layer of protection during your workouts.

Whether you’re a weightlifter, powerlifter, or athlete seeking enhanced knee support, the Sting Elasticised Lifting Knee Wraps are your reliable partner for safe and effective training.


  • Length: 80 inches
  • Material: Heavy-duty Elasticised Cotton


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