Opro Instant Custom Fit Single


Experience a dentist-level fit with the Opro Instant Custom Fit Single Mouthguard. The patented dual compression cage and hyperflex technology create a custom model of your mouth, ensuring unrivaled retention. The dental-grade protective shell with triple-layer construction dissipates shock waves, offering elite-level protection. This easy-to-fit mouthguard provides comfort, security, and professional-grade safety for athletes.

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Opro Instant Custom Fit Single

Achieve a perfect, custom fit with the Opro Instant Custom Fit Single Mouthguard. This innovative mouthguard uses patented dual compression cage technology with hyperflex material to harness the power of your jaw, creating an accurate model of your teeth. This easy and quick fitting process results in a dentist-level gum shield that stays in place and offers unparalleled comfort and retention.

The self-impression fin technology is unique to the Opro Instant Custom Fit mouthguard. It works in tandem with the compression cage, utilizing high-flow gel fins that securely mold around your teeth for a custom fit. This patented technology delivers the same accuracy as a dental thermoforming machine, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit that allows you to breathe, speak, and drink with ease.

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Protection is paramount in contact sports, and the Opro Instant Custom Fit Single Mouthguard provides the highest level of damage defense. The dental-grade protective shell features a triple-layer construction that effectively dissipates shock waves from impacts, reducing the chances of sports-related tooth injuries. This advanced protection makes it ideal for professional athletes and anyone seeking top-tier safety.

With its combination of comfort, fit, and protection, the Opro Instant Custom Fit Single Mouthguard is the perfect choice for athletes who want a mouthguard that performs at the highest level. It’s designed to safeguard your smile while giving you the confidence to play your best.

Choose the Opro Instant Custom Fit Single Mouthguard for a custom fit, elite protection, and ease of use. With its patented technology and triple-layer shell, it offers the safety and comfort you need to excel in any sport.

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