Opro Silver Level Black Jaws Mouthguard


Experience enhanced comfort and protection with the Opro Silver Level Black Jaws Mouthguard. Featuring hi-flow gel and classic fin technology, this mouthguard molds to the contours of your teeth for a perfect fit. The patented single compression cage allows for easy self-fitting in minutes. With dual-layer construction and Biomaster antimicrobial technology, it offers superior shock absorption and hygiene protection.

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Opro Silver Level Black Jaws Mouthguard

Get superior protection and comfort with the Opro Silver Level Black Jaws Mouthguard. This mouthguard uses hi-flow gel and classic fin technology to create a custom fit that molds to the unique contours of your teeth and gums, offering a comfortable feel and cushioned airflow for enhanced breathability. The result is a classic mouthguard impression that provides optimal protection and performance.

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The Silver Level Mouthguard is designed for easy self-fitting, thanks to the patented single compression cage. This revolutionary technology uses the natural power of your jaw to compress the mouthguard, creating a perfect impression in just a few minutes. This quick and simple process allows you to achieve a superior fit that rests comfortably in the mouth, letting you focus on the competition.

Safety is a top priority, and the Silver Level Mouthguard delivers with its dual-layer construction. This design dissipates shock waves and reduces overall force, cushioning impact and reducing the risk of sports-related dental injuries. This level of protection is trusted by professional athletes worldwide, giving you the confidence to train and compete at your best.

In addition to its protective qualities, the Silver Level Mouthguard offers superior hygiene protection. Made from high-quality, clinically approved BPA and latex-free materials, it incorporates Biomaster antimicrobial technology to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria by up to 99.99%. This ensures you stay safe and hygienically protected during your sports activities.

Choose the Opro Silver Level Black Jaws Mouthguard for a reliable and easy-to-fit solution that combines comfort, protection, and hygiene. With its advanced technology and dual-layer construction, it’s the perfect choice for athletes who demand the best in mouthguard protection.

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Opro Silver Level Black Jaws Mouthguard CPOpro Silver Level Black Jaws Mouthguard

Availability: 4 in stock

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