Fuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ GI black


Reach new heights in the Fuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ GI Black, where “Sekai” translates to “World” in Japanese. This best-selling BJJ gi has been completely redesigned for high-performance athletes. Elevate your skills with gear that will never let you down, whether it’s intense training or fierce competitions. The Sekai 2.0 is your path to world-ranking excellence.

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Product Specifications:

Designed for Excellence: The Fuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ Gi black is designed to help you excel in your BJJ journey, with a focus on high-performance and durability.

Built to Last: The gi’s lightweight fabric is perfect for BJJ weigh-ins, while the triple reinforced ripstop pants and extra rows of stitching on the collar ensure sturdiness and longevity.

Secure and Comfortable Fit: The gi features a bungee cord drawstring for a secure fit during training and competitions, allowing you to focus on your technique.

Stylish Details: With contrast stitching, the Sekai 2.0 BJJ Gi not only performs at its best but also looks sharp and stylish on the mat.

Reach World Ranking: Climb the ranks with the Fuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ Gi and make your mark in the BJJ world.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight fabric for BJJ weigh-ins
  • Triple reinforced ripstop pants for enhanced durability
  • Stiff collar with extra rows of stitching for added strength
  • Bungee cord drawstring for a secure fit
  • Stylish contrast stitching
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Fuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ GI black front view off white bgFuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ GI black
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