TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR Adult size


Enhance your combat experience with the TOP TEN Mouth Guard “Combat TPR.” Showcasing a saliva-resistant design with striking vampire teeth, it offers maximum jaw protection with raised outer walls. The soft, customizable fit ensures comfort, while the front slot promotes air circulation. Stay safe, look bold.

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TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR

Enter the combat arena with confidence and style, fortified by the TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR . This high-quality mouth guard not only prioritizes your safety but also makes a bold statement with its cool and striking designs.

Saliva-Resistant Design with Vampire Teeth: Stand out in the ring with the TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR unique saliva-resistant design, featuring eye-catching vampire teeth. Applied on the stable outer shell, these teeth not only add a fierce aesthetic but also contribute to the overall durability of the guard. Combat with confidence, knowing your mouth guard can handle the intensity of your fights.

Raised Outer Walls for Jaw Protection: Jaw protection is paramount in combat sports, and the TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR delivers with its raised outer walls. These walls provide high protection functionality for the jaw, offering a robust defense against side or frontal hits. The strategically designed outer shell ensures that your jaw remains secure during intense exchanges, minimizing the risk of injuries.

Soft Inside for Customizable Comfort: While toughness is crucial for protection, comfort is equally important. The TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR  strikes the right balance with its soft inside. This soft, yet resilient material allows the gum shield to adjust to the contours of your teeth, providing a snug and customizable fit. Combat for extended periods without compromising on comfort. Check out our full TopTen range, click here!

Front Slot for Air Circulation: Maintaining optimal airflow during combat is essential for peak performance. The TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR incorporates a front slot to promote air circulation. This thoughtful design element ensures that you can breathe comfortably while wearing the guard, preventing any hindrance to your performance due to restricted airflow. Stay focused and energized throughout your fights.

2-Layer Material for Concussion Prevention: Protecting the brain from impact energy is a crucial aspect of mouth guard design. The TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR  employs the principle of 2-layer material to effectively dissipate impact energy away from the brain. This concussion prevention feature enhances the overall safety profile of the mouth guard, making it a reliable choice for combat athletes.

Tight, Soft Seat for Maximum Security: Security is non-negotiable in combat, and the TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR ensures a tight, soft seat for maximum security. The snug fit adds an extra layer of protection, preventing unnecessary movements during combat. This secure seat enhances the stability of the mouth guard, allowing you to concentrate on your techniques without worrying about constant adjustments.

Customizable for Personalized Fit: Every athlete is unique, and the TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR acknowledges this by offering a customizable fit. Tailor the guard to your preferences for personalized comfort and security. The ability to customize the fit ensures that the mouth guard becomes an extension of your combat gear, providing the perfect balance of protection and individualized comfort.

In conclusion, the TopTen Mouth Guard Combat TPR is not just a protective accessory – it’s a symbol of your commitment to safety and style in the combat arena. With its saliva-resistant design, raised outer walls for jaw protection, soft customizable fit, front slot for air circulation, and concussion prevention through 2-layer material, this mouth guard sets the standard for combat safety. Elevate your combat experience with the “Combat TPR” Mouth Guard, where protection meets bold aesthetics for the modern warrior. Stay protected, look fierce.

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