TopTen MMA Sparring Gloves Contender


Step into the cage with confidence wearing TOP TEN MMA Sparring Gloves “Contender.” Specifically designed for amateur competitions and daily training, these gloves feature open fingers, separate thumb guidance, double-guided hook and loop closure, and ergonomic padding. Get the edge with precise finger guidance and hand protection. Ideal for amateur competition.

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TopTen MMA Sparring Gloves Contender

Elevate your MMA training with the TopTen MMA Sparring Gloves Contender —a testament to quality, precision, and performance. Designed for amateur competitions and demanding everyday training across all skill levels, these gloves are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of MMA practitioners.

Tailored for MMA Excellence: The “Contender” MMA gloves from TOP TEN are 100% tailored to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. From their shape to their properties, every aspect of these gloves reflects a commitment to excellence in MMA training and competition. Whether you’re stepping into the cage for an amateur competition or engaging in daily training, the “Contender” gloves deliver the performance you need.

Open Fingers for Versatility: One of the defining features of the TopTen MMA Sparring Gloves Contender is the inclusion of open fingers. This design element enhances versatility, allowing for a wide range of movements and techniques during training and competition. The gloves are crafted from robust synthetic leather, ensuring durability and longevity, even under the rigorous demands of MMA.

Separate Thumb Guidance: The thumb is a critical part of hand protection in MMA, and the TopTen MMA Sparring Gloves Contender address this with a separate thumb guidance feature. This design not only provides additional protection to the thumb but also allows for more precise and controlled movements. Whether you’re grappling, striking, or transitioning between techniques, the separate thumb guidance enhances your overall performance.

Double-Guided Hook and Loop Closure: Security and stability are paramount in MMA, and the TopTen MMA Sparring Gloves Contender feature a double-guided hook and loop closure system to ensure a secure fit. This closure system not only provides a customizable and snug fit around the wrists but also adds an extra layer of stability during intense training sessions and competitions. Click here to view our full TopTen range.

Ergonomic Padding for Impact Absorption: Protection against impact is a top priority in MMA, and the “Contender” gloves deliver with ergonomic padding. Strategically placed to absorb and distribute impact forces, the padding enhances your ability to strike and defend effectively. Experience optimal impact absorption without compromising your hand’s flexibility and dexterity.

Hand Edge Protection: The “Contender” gloves go beyond standard hand protection by incorporating hand edge protection. This feature shields vulnerable areas around the hand’s edges, offering comprehensive coverage and minimizing the risk of injuries during sparring or competition. Train and compete with confidence, knowing your hands are well-protected.

Precise Finger Guidance: Achieving precision in your techniques is crucial in MMA, and the TopTen MMA Sparring Gloves Contender provide precise finger guidance to support your movements. This feature enhances control, allowing you to execute techniques with accuracy and confidence. Whether you’re grappling or striking, the precise finger guidance contributes to your overall performance.

Ideal for Amateur Competition: The “Contender” MMA gloves from TOP TEN are specifically designed for amateur competitions. Complying with the requirements of amateur competitions, these gloves offer the right balance of protection, functionality, and adherence to regulations. Step into the cage with gloves that meet the standards of amateur MMA competition.

Elevate your MMA training and competition experience with the TopTen MMA Sparring Gloves Contender Designed with the needs of MMA practitioners in mind, these gloves combine precision, protection, and performance for a superior training and competition experience. Whether you’re an amateur competitor or a dedicated enthusiast, the “Contender” gloves are your trusted companion in the world of MMA.

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