TopTen focus pads red-black


Introducing the Focus Mitts Drums in black-red – your perfect training partner! Crafted with high-quality real leather, these hand pads ensure precise and powerful strikes. The foam core with firm cushioning provides excellent impulse absorption and protection. The slightly raised hit area allows for accurate targeting, while the additional cushion in the wrist area enhances safety. With precise finger guidance and an adjustable Velcro fastener, the TOP TEN Focus Mitts “Drums” guarantee a secure and vibrant training experience.

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Product Specifications:

TopTen focus pads red-black

High-Quality Real Leather Cover: The Focus Mitt “Drums” features a high-quality real leather cover for durability and a professional look.

Foam Core with Firm Cushioning: The foam core of the hand pads offers firm cushioning to ensure excellent impulse absorption during training sessions.

Slightly Raised Hit Area: The punch pads have a slightly raised hit area of 20 cm x 17 cm, allowing for precise and powerful strikes.

Additional Cushion in the Wrist Area: An additional cushion in the wrist area provides extra protection and support for the wearer.

Precise Finger Guidance: The design of the hand pads ensures precise finger guidance, allowing for optimal control and accuracy.

Continuously Adjustable Velcro Fastener: The Focus Mitts “Drums” come with a continuously adjustable Velcro fastener, providing a secure and customizable fit.

Intense Colors for Easy Recognition: The equipment is designed with intense colors for easy recognition during fast movements, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • High-quality real leather cover
  • Foam core with firm cushioning
  • Slightly raised hit area for accurate targeting
  • Additional cushion in the wrist area for enhanced protection
  • Precise finger guidance for optimal control
  • Continuously adjustable Velcro fastener for a secure fit
  • Intense colors for easy recognition during fast movements


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