Top Pro focus pads gel anti shock red-black


Introducing the Gel Anti-Shock Focus Pads gel, designed for elite or pro boxers seeking superior impact resistance and maximum safety. These focus pads feature a gel-infused construction and multi-layer inner foam for ultimate wrist protection and comfort. The specially designed palm ball and fingertip protection ensure a comfortable and precise workout experience. Crafted for high-performance training, these focus pads offer enhanced accuracy and improved training sessions.

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Product Specifications:

Top Pro focus pads gel anti shock red-black

Gel-Infused Impact Resistance: The Gel Anti-Shock Focus Pads are infused with gel to provide excellent impact resistance during intense training sessions.

Multi-Layer Inner Foam: With a multi-layer inner foam, these focus pads effectively reduce impact on the wrists and ensure maximum protection.

Enforced Lining and Special Design Palm Ball: The focus pads feature an enforced lining and a specially designed palm ball for added durability and comfort.

Full Wrist Protection: Designed to protect the fingers, front, and back of the wrist, these focus pads offer comprehensive wrist protection against force impact.

High-Performance Workouts: Crafted specifically for elite or pro boxers, these focus pads are perfect for high-performance workouts and precision training.

Smaller Hitting Surface for Accuracy: The focus pads have a smaller hitting surface to improve accuracy and enhance training efficiency.

Embossed Finger Cover for New Design: The embossed finger cover adds a stylish touch to the new design of these Gel Anti-Shock Focus Pads.

Moisture-Wicking Inner Lining: The focus pads come with a moisture-wicking inner lining to keep the hands dry and comfortable during workouts.

Key Features:

  • Gel-infused for impact resistance
  • Multi-layer inner foam for wrist protection
  • Enforced lining and special design palm ball
  • Full wrist protection against force impact
  • Smaller hitting surface for better accuracy
  • Embossed finger cover for a new design
  • Moisture-wicking inner lining for comfort


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