Top Pro Champion muay thai pads black-gold

Introducing the Champion Muay Thai Pads, a new and improved design for enhanced training sessions. Crafted with a revolutionary Microfibre odourless material, these pads offer durability and comfort. The off-edge stitch design reduces foot injuries and improves kicking experience. With an expanded polystyrene main body, lighter foam core, and ergonomic forearm design, these pads provide maximum comfort, balance, and support during training.

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Product Specifications:

Microfibre Odourless Material: The Champion Muay Thai Pads are made with a newly developed Microfibre material, ensuring odorless and long-lasting performance.

Ergonomically Designed Forearm: The pads feature an ergonomically designed forearm section, providing a comfortable and secure grip for the holder.

Lighter and More Flexible Centre Foam Core: With a lighter and more flexible foam core, these pads allow for greater mobility during training sessions.

Off-Edge Stitch Design: The off-edge stitch design not only enhances the pads’ durability but also reduces the risk of foot injuries for the kicker.

Expanded Polystyrene Main Body: Designed with an expanded polystyrene main body, the Champion Muay Thai Pads offer enhanced durability for prolonged use.

Key Features:

  • Made with Microfibre odourless material
  • Ergonomically designed forearm
  • Lighter and more flexible centre foam core
  • Off-edge stitch design for reduced foot injuries
  • Expanded polystyrene main body for durability


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