Sting IBA Competition Boxing Gloves


Elevate your boxing performance with Sting IBA Competition Boxing Gloves, meticulously crafted to meet the stringent standards of IBA/AIBA regulations. These gloves are not just about compliance; they represent a commitment to excellence in design and functionality.  Train with confidence using Sting IBA Competition Boxing Gloves. Precision-designed to IBA/AIBA guidelines, these 10oz gloves offer premium leather, Hi Flow Core system, and secure 3-inch wrist strap.

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Sting IBA Competition Boxing Gloves

One of the standout features of these gloves is their precise weight management technology, distributing weight evenly across the glove for balanced performance. Whether you’re delivering lightning-fast jabs or powerful hooks, these gloves provide the stability and support you need to excel in the ring.

The 3-inch wrist strap offers a secure fit, minimizing the risk of injury and providing added protection during intense sparring sessions. It’s not just about safety; it’s about confidence – knowing that your wrists are supported, allowing you to unleash your full potential with every punch.

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Endorsed by IBA (formerly AIBA), these gloves are trusted by professional boxers and trainers worldwide. Whether you’re stepping into the ring for competition or honing your skills in training,

Sting IBA Competition Boxing Gloves are the ultimate choice for serious athletes who demand nothing but the best.

Product Key Features:

  1. Premium leather outer layer
  2. Precision design according to IBA/AIBA guidelines
  3. Tested to failure in excess of 10,000 strikes
  4. Hi Flow Core system for comfort and performance
  5. Guaranteed 10oz weighted glove
  6. 50/50 weight distribution technology
  7. 3-inch wrist strap for secure fit and added wrist protection
  8. Officially approved by IBA (formerly AIBA)

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Sting IBA Competition Boxing Gloves CPSting IBA Competition Boxing Gloves
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