Sting Competition Boxing Set Blue


The 2020 Sting Competition Boxing Set is tailored for elite amateur boxers. With an athletic cut for unrestricted movement and climate control fabric, it’s an essential for serious boxers. The set includes the STING Competition Boxing Vest for maximum comfort and flexibility, and the STING Competition Boxing Shorts with a snug elasticated waistband for a secure fit

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STING Competition Boxing Set

Introducing the new 2020 Sting Competition Boxing Set, meticulously crafted for elite amateur boxers who demand nothing less than excellence. These sets are a testament to Sting’s unwavering commitment to providing boxers with gear that not only enhances performance but also offers the utmost in comfort and flexibility.

STING Competition Boxing Vest: The STING Competition Boxing Vest is a pinnacle of comfort and flexibility. Constructed with 100% Polyester fabric, it offers a breathable climate control experience, keeping the body cool even in the heat of competition. The athletic cut provides boxers with the freedom of movement they need to execute precise strikes and maneuvers.

Designed with competition boxers in mind, both male and female, the vest features a T-back silhouette. This innovative design maximizes the range of movement in the shoulders during a bout. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure that boxers can perform at their absolute best.

STING Competition Boxing Shorts: The STING Competition Boxing Shorts complement the vest perfectly, offering the same level of maximum comfort and flexibility. Crafted from the same 100% Polyester fabric, they provide the same breathable climate control benefits to keep the body cool and comfortable.

These shorts feature a 4-inch no-slip snug elasticated waistband, ensuring they stay securely in place during intense training sessions or bouts. To further enhance the fit, a drawstring is included, allowing boxers to customize the comfort level according to their preference.

Just like the vest, the shorts are designed for competition boxers, both male and female. They are tailored to meet the demands of serious athletes who require gear that not only looks and feels great but also performs at the highest level.

In summary, the new 2020 Sting Competition Boxing Set is a must-have for any serious boxer. The combination of an athletic cut for freedom of movement and climate control fabric material sets this set apart from the rest. It’s a testament to Sting’s dedication to providing gear that empowers boxers to perform at their peak.

Elevate your performance and train with confidence knowing you have the best gear on your side. Experience the excellence of the 2020 Sting Competition Boxing Set.

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