Optimum Nutrition pre workout shot Lemon – lime & Orange


Fuel your workouts with the Optimum Nutrition Pre Workout lemon Shot. This 60ml shot delivers a powerful blend of 175mg caffeine from natural sources, 1.5g of beta alanine, and vitamin B6 and B12 to support energy metabolism. With the PerformMelon Boost ingredient, you’ll get the most out of every workout. Take this convenient shot 15-40 minutes before training for a delicious boost of energy and focus.

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Product Specifications:

Pre workout shot Lemon – lime

Delicious Lemon Lime Flavor: The Optimum Nutrition Pre Workout Shot comes in a delightful lemon and lime flavor for a delicious pre-workout experience.

175mg Caffeine from Natural Sources: Each 60ml shot contains 175mg of caffeine sourced from natural ingredients, providing a quick energy boost.

1.5g Beta Alanine: Beta alanine helps reduce muscle fatigue, allowing you to push harder during your workouts.

Vitamin B6 and B12 Support: Enriched with vitamin B6 and B12, the shot supports energy metabolism, enhancing your overall performance.

PerformMelon Boost Ingredient: The shot includes the PerformMelon Boost ingredient to maximize your workout potential.

How to Use: Take the Optimum Nutrition Pre-Workout Shot 15-40 minutes before your training session for optimal results.

Key Features:

  • Lemon Lime flavor for a sweet and refreshing taste
  • Contains 175mg of caffeine from natural sources
  • Includes 1.5g of beta alanine
  • Enriched with vitamin B6 and B12 for energy metabolism support
  • Features PerformMelon Boost ingredient for enhanced performance

Lemon, Orange


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Optimum Nutrition pre workout shot Lemon - lime front view off white bgOptimum Nutrition pre workout shot Lemon – lime & Orange
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