KPLC2 Fairtex Curved Standard Kick Pads


Train with confidence using the KPLC2 Fairtex Curved Standard Kick Pads. Made from premium cow hide leather, these pads offer durability and comfort. The curved design fits the forearm ergonomically, ensuring balance and ease of holding. Lightweight and flexible, they’re perfect for women, kids, and amateurs. Padded straps and forearm support provide maximum comfort for trainers.

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KPLC2 Fairtex Curved Standard Kick Pads

Experience a new level of comfort and durability with the KPLC2 Fairtex Curved Standard Kick Pads. As the original curved Thai pads, they’re designed to meet the needs of trainers and fighters alike, offering superior performance and ergonomics.

Crafted from premium cow hide leather, these pads are more endurable than those made from buffalo leather, ensuring they withstand intense training sessions while maintaining their quality. The curved design is ergonomically shaped to fit the trainer’s forearm, providing a more balanced and stable grip during use.

This makes the pads easier to hold and reduces strain, allowing for longer training sessions with less fatigue.  Check out our full Muay Thai range, click here!

One of the key features of the KPLC2 Fairtex Kick Pads is their softness and flexibility, even on first use. This makes them ideal for everyone, including women, kids, and amateurs, who might find traditional pads too rigid or heavy.

The lightweight design also contributes to easier handling and less stress on the trainer’s arms.

For added versatility, the soft pads on the head are designed for trainers to practice jabs and hooks, enhancing the range of training drills. The padded straps and forearm support ensure maximum comfort and security, allowing the trainer to focus on guiding and correcting without distraction.

With the KPLC2 Fairtex Curved Standard Kick Pads, you’re getting a reliable and durable training tool that enhances performance and comfort. Whether you’re a professional trainer or just starting your journey, these pads are a must-have for effective and enjoyable training sessions.

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